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Blackberry Pearl - Technology On The Go

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The blackberry phones are pioneers in the smart phone technology. They have successfully managed to give their users access to e-mail, phone, entertainment like music and games etc. They are designed not only to cater to the needs of an individual but to cater to the needs of a whole organization. The blackberry pearl is the latest addition to the line of blackberry phones.

Living up to its name, the blackberry pearl has all the features you can ask for from a phone. It allows you to e-mail people as you move. You can manage up to ten e-mail accounts from your phone. It seamlessly integrates your business and personal e-mail. You can send e-mails, SMS and MMS directly from your integrated phonebook. You don't have to go through the headache of initializing an internet connection. These blackberry phones remain connected all the time. They flash an alert message every time you receive an email. This ensures that you do not miss an important message.

The blackberry pearl supports features like Bluetooth version 2.0 and Wi-fi connectivity. Not only can you connect using any high speed network worldwide, you can also use this phone on Wi-fi networks. The blackberry pearl also allows you to connect to messengers like GTalk and Yahoo Messenger. A trackball which looks like a pearl ensures hassle free browsing.

This phone is barely 107 x 50 x 14.5 mm in dimension and it weighs 89.5 grammes. It also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera with a flash and an expandable memory for extra storage.
The blackberry pearl also has a GPS system along with Blackberry maps application. This application is a boon for people who love going places. This device ensures that you don't get lost anywhere. It also has features like employee and resource tracking which can help you run your organization better.

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