Monday, February 11, 2008

BlackBerry 8100 Pearl: It's Remarkably Small, Incredibly Powerful

Conceived and developed by Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), BlackBerry business phones and wireless handhelds are designed to boost work and enterprise on the move. Email access and web browsing capabilities have ensured the popularity of BlackBerry smartphones among business entrepreneurs.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is the first in the series to integrate a digital camera, MP3 player, video player and an expandable memory slot and signals RIM's entry into the consumer market. Slightly larger than an I-pod nano, a thin and light (3.1 ounces) form factor and a very solid, high-quality feel - the BlackBerry Pearl is one of the lightest and smallest smartphones.

RIM has reduced the number to keys by approximately 50 percent to give the Pearl an all new look. The user interface gets an intuitive makeover with the integration of a trackball navigation and the trackball itself resembles a dazzling pearl! A large, ultra-bright, high-resolution LCD colour screen with light sensing technology displays vivid visuals.

The keypad is the SureType hybrid QWERTY with dedicated send, end, convenience, power and mute keys. This easy-to-use smartphone is equipped with call management features such as smart dialing, conference calling, speed dialing and call forwarding. Add to it features such as wireless push delivery of email and data, secure access to Internet and intranet-based applications, single mailbox integration, attachment viewing of popular file formats and you have an application powerhouse in your palms.

The quad-band BlackBerry Pearl also provides seamless connectivity through Bluetooth, wireless modem, EDGE and GPRS. What makes the Pearl standout from other handsets in the BlackBerry series is its multimedia kit. The 1.3 mega pixel digital camera, MP3 and video players on the Pearl might not be very impressive but nonetheless they serve to break the monotony and provide some much needed entertainment.

Blackberry Pearl
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