Saturday, January 26, 2008

BlackBerry Pearl- The Precious Gem

Mobile technology has really come a long way and it is quite evident when you observe the potential of today's smart phones. Well, these phones are also known as multi-task performers, as these gadgets are here to take a very good care of various requirements in the easiest possible way. Besides being your easiest modes of communications, these smart phones also function as your laptops, digital cameras, voice recorders and handheld speaker phones. As such, there are various sorts of smartphones, but a very few of them really stand out of the clutter, as they are not only good in features, but also come with compact and easy to carry profile.

The BlackBerry Pearl is one such smart phone, which has been finished up with various outstanding features and enticing profile to offer you a consummate mobile experience. The BlackBerry Pearl is the new GSM handheld device from Research in Motion or RIM. Actually, the BlackBerry Pearl is the smallest smartphone by RIM. Besides its QWERTY keypad, the BlackBerry Pearl comes with a scroll wheel, which gives you quick access to all the desired functions. There are dedicated volume and camera keys, which make it more flexible and easier to use. Though, the BlackBerry phones are known for their business features, but the BlackBerry Pearl does offer a lot in multimedia features including music, video, images and ring tones.

Although, its 1.3 mega pixels camera does not offer very clear pictures, but at least it allows you to grab all those special moments. You can also increase phone's memory up to 2 GB by using an extra memory card. Well, the BlakBerry Pearl supports EDGE and quad-band GSM/GPRS networks, which enable you to get high speed data downloading speed. Moreover, you can also surf the Internet with its web browser. As far as email functionalities are concerned, the BlackBerry Pearl is quite easy to use and with the help of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can send a single message to ten addresses without any constraints. When it is about smart work – the BlackBerry Pearl has it all to be your most reliable gizmo.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BlackBerry 8700F: Automatically unique

The BlackBerry 8700F would be the first phone with a quad-band facility. So, user of the phone comes with an uncompromising email, browsing and voice performance in a thin, stylish, and lightweight handheld with a full QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard.

The BlackBerry 8700F would be the first phone with a quad-band facility. The 8700F model operate on a GSM/GPRS/EDGE network and has features like QVGA 320 x 240 LCD screen, smart dialing, conference calling, speed dial, call forwarding, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is to be mentioned that its unique light-sensing technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen and keyboard. The adjustments takes place according to lightning conditions and a 64 MB of flash memory, 16 MB SDRAM and an Intel(R) XScale(R) cellular processor.

The BlackBerry 8700F Wireless Handheld device comes with the functionalities such as email, phone, browser, instant messaging and organiser into one compact, integrated device. So, user of the phone comes with an uncompromising email, browsing and voice performance in a thin, stylish, and lightweight handheld with a full QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard.

The BlackBerry 8700F also provides Quad-Band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks to allow for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Beside all these features, the phone comes with an integrated address book, calendar, memo pad, task list. It is to be mentioned that the Blackberry 8700F has other features like MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) which combines text and images on a single message. Furthermore, it has other feature like Speakerphone, Smart dialing, conference calling, speed dial and call forwarding.

Coming to the communicating part of the phone, it comes with a Bluetooth capability for hands-free dialogue via headsets and car kits. Moreover, it also comes with an integrated attachment viewing. It also comes with compatibility with popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software. Users of the phone would find polyphonic and MP3 ring tones for personalising your device. There is a light sensing screen, which adjusts lighting levels automatically for ideal indoor and outdoor viewing. Moreover, the Blackberry 8700F has dedicated Send, End and Mute keys, plus user definable convenience keys.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8100 - You Need To Know!

Blackberry Pearl 8100: Black beauty...

Blackberry Pearl 8100 is the newest phone in the business communications portfolio from RIM. But unlike other Blackberry phones, the pearl has been designed to exceed all expectations. Blackberry phones are more about business functionalities, but the new Blackberry Pearl 8100 offers more to suit your mobile lifestyle.
The phone though inherits Blackberry functionality, but it repackages it in an attractive cover. The pearl, borrows its name from the trackball navigation button that looks like a pearl. One of the world's smallest Smartphone comes equipped with all the advanced features to amaze you. The phone offers digital camera, multimedia applications and expandable memory card for more convenience. In addition, the pearl also offers email, web browser, messaging services, instant messaging and lots more.

The candy-bar designed handset comes in a beautiful black colour. The front face of the phone has a large screen. Below the screen, there is a trackball navigation key, which is centrally situated - for easy navigation of menus and other applications. The phone has a QWERTY style keyboard and is very user-friendly.

The phone is loaded with email and text messaging services - you can view, send and receive emails on the move. So, it does not matter where you are, your phone always lets you keep in touch with employees. And with messaging services such as SMS and MMS and Push to Talk- you can send texts, images and video files with ease.

In addition, the phone comes with a multimedia player that supports almost all normal music files. Now, you can play your favourite music tracks on the move. And with microSD card - save more songs. The phone also offers a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with built-in flash and up to 5x digital zoom - you can capture picture and share with friends and family via MMS, email or Blackberry Messenger.

This incredible black phone has everything to entice you.

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Blackberry Pearl 8100: Easier, faster, smarter...

When it comes to highly capable mobile handsets, you just cannot ignore the substantial presence of the Blackberry series. Offering you more than you can ever imagine, the Blackberry series is duly adorned by various encouraging reviews across the whole globe. The Blackberry series is the proud product of the Research in Motion Ltd. which is also known as RIM organization. Things have improved a lot, since the advent of the very first Blackberry mobile handset. Moving along nicely, Blackberry further added kudos to its mammoth presence by adding more advanced and powerful handsets. Blackberry's next highly anticipated presentation is the Blackberry Pearl 8100, which is an excellent performer and offers you lot than you can really think of. Like other popular Blackberry phones, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 also comes with a host of numerous features. Each and every detail has been perfectly finalised prior to get the final shape of the Blackberry Pearl 8100. To make it an easy to handle device, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is backed up by an intuitive user interface with a navigation system. Usually, when it comes to business phone, we get a different feeling as most of them are stuffed with a cramped keypad, creating unwanted nuisance. But, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 does not come under this category, as its firm keypad provides you all the comfort while you use it. Moreover, it has been further perfected by sleek dimensions to make it an easy to carry device, which can also fit into your pocket. Enjoy the soothing viewing experience with the Blackberry Pearl 8100, as it comes with a 2.25 inch TFT coloured screen, which can display more than 65,000 colours to take a very good care of your viewing experience. Furthermore, it is also loaded with the latest light-sensing technology, which spontaneously adjusts the brightness of the screen as per the outer conditions. Beneath the coloured screen of the highly capable Blackberry Pearl 8100, there is a trackball, which is deliberately fitted to let you enjoy four way scrolling. Undoubtedly, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 has to all to be your perfect business phone.

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Enjoy the soothing viewing experience with the Blackberry Pearl 8100, as it comes with a 2.25 inch TFT coloured screen, which can display more than 65,000 colours to take a very good care of your viewing experience.