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Blackberry 8120 Pearl - Your Search of a Perfect Phone Ends Here

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Blackberry has made a name for itself in the market of mobile phones. The company is popular for its sophisticated phones that are made for a specific people. Blackberry phones are perfect for those people who want to operate computer in their phones. The company has recently launched a new Blackberry 8120 Pearl.

With the Blackberry 8120 Pearl the company is trying to increase its clients. This handset is specially designed for common people other than busy professionals and corporate executives. The target market of the company is the college going youth. The phone is equipped with the powerful 2 mega pixel camera along with the built in zoom facility with automatic flash. With the camera you can easily capture the memorable moments of your life. The camera also has the capability to record videos and you can send them with e-mail or MMS right away.

Blackberry 8120 Pearl also gives you various opportunities to enjoy your life with some other features. These features are like advanced music player. Here you can listen your favorite songs any where any time you want. The phone comes with the 64MB of internal memory that is expandable till 4GB with the help of the Micro SD memory card.

Besides these features Blackberry 8120 Pearl also has all those features for which the company is famous for. It has wireless e-mail that enables you to send and receive your e-mails along with the attachments. It also gives you freedom to brows the Internet and gets the required information of your phone itself. The phone also supports the Wi-Fi that is responsible to give you the Internet connectivity.

This is not all; Blackberry 8120 pearl has some other mind blowing features like Bluetooth connectivity. Now you can easily connect your phone with an Bluetooth enabled device and share data. Along with the Bluetooth there is also an option of USB connector that comes with the phone. This plays role of a bridge between Blackberry 8120 Pearl and your computer.
The biggest feature of Blackberry 8120 Pearl is the GPS service. Now you can easily get the direction of your destination on your phone. So, all these features make your phone stand on the top of the mobile market.

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