Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blackberry Pearl 8100-Smart Choice For Smarter Users

The massive presence of BlackBerry series is nicely poised in the world of mobile phones. Moving along nicely, the BlackBerry series has also earned worthwhile accolades by bringing comprehensive easiness in the lives of mobile phone users. Well, Research in Motion Ltd. or RIM is the proud organization behind such superb gadgets. Since the introduction of the very first BlackBerry handset, the company has nicely carved a niche in the highly competitive world of mobile phones. And, on regular basic, company has further consolidated its position by introducing more powerful and highly evolved handsets. The next to join the elite league of super performers is the Blackberry Pearl 8100, which is here to grab your attention.

Being a BlackBerry phone, you would surely find innumerable outstanding features in the Blackberry Pearl 8100. Moreover, necessary care has been taken in the designing of the Blackberry Pearl 8100. To achieve desired usability factor, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is very well loaded with a navigation system and an intuitive user interface. Basically, a business phone comes with a cramped keypad, but the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is not like that, as its sturdy keypad gives you desired comfort while using it. On the other hand, its sleek dimensions make it quite easy to carry around, as it can easily fit into your pocket.

A very good care has been taken about your viewing experience, while the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is designed. Its 2.25-inch TFT screen can display up to 65,000 colours to provide you a soothing viewing experience. To add more comfort, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 also comes with a light-sensing technology, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the outer conditions. Below the screen of the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, there comes a trackball, which is a dynamic feature in itself and allows you to enjoy four way scrolling. You can also enjoy photography by its 1.3 megapixel camera. For music, you can rely on its MP3 player, which is capable to play music in various formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+ etc. Bring your BlackBerry Pearl and explore numerous possibilities.

Blackberry Pearl

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blackberry Pearl 8100 - Work is Now Fun (Blackberry Pearl Accessory)

In a move to being Blackberry more closer to a 'normal' mobile phone, its manufacturers have launched the Blackberry Pearl 8100 – a Blackberry device that looks like a mobile phone, but works like any other Blackberry device. This shift in basic design attributes to the company's strategy to bring in more and more people into the realms of this line up of handhelds known all over for their optimized emailing features. The handset's dimensions are thinner and much narrower than the company's earlier offerings and also includes mobile entertainment features like an integrated media player and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera.

The Blackberry Pearl 8100 is the smallest Blackberry device till date and is one of the lightest smartphone around with a weight under 90 grams. The handset is fitted with a light sensitive 65K coloured TFT screen for a strain-free viewing experience. Its manufacturers have kept the full QWERTY keypad which is very important for any device likely to be used extensively for emails and other such high data entry requirement functions. One of the most talked about feature of the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is its trackball navigation, which many thinks, is responsible for naming the device as 'pearl'.

As stated earlier, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 manages to include all necessary functions one expects from a highly acclaimed brand like Blackberry. Push email technology, attachment support, Blackberry Connect, mobile office applications – the Blackberry Pearl 8100 has all of the popular Blackberry functions plus the glamorous and distinctive looks. 64 Mb of internal flash memory with external memory card supports means you have space for anything and everything you deem important enough to be with you all the time. The Blackberry Pearl 8100 supports all four GSM bands across the world. The device is a master at web browsing with its on board GPRS and EDGE technology and a fully evolved HTML browser. Surf, work, rock or shoot pictures – do them in style with the Blackberry Pearl 8100.

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