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Blackberry Pearl 8110 is a mode, High-Quality Business Phone

Blackberry Pearl 8110 is a mode, High-Quality Business Phone

The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is a fashionable phone with a full QWERTY keyboard and high quality business-oriented features. The phone weighs ninety-one grams and measures 50mtrs tall by 107 wide by 14 millimeters deep.The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 comes with a large color screen that displays up to sixty five thousand colors and has a screen resolution of two hundred and forty pixels by two hundred sixty & pixels. This phone comes with easy desirable to use the navigation trackball and full QWERTY keyboard that supports SureType keyboard software. The stylish 8110 is supplied with a modem built in RIM wireless allows quick access to the Internet.

The phone service includes wireless e-mail complete with attachments. The user can also benefit from other messaging services, including text messaging, multimedia messaging and instant messaging on your phone. The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 includes integrated GPS functionality that supports BlackBerry Maps and built in document viewer does allow the user to view documents in Word, PowerPoint or Excel. The Pearl comes with sixty-four megabytes of built in memory can be expanded by adding a type of memory card on the MicroSD card slot. This phone quad-band technology allows the user to enjoy roaming around the world who depend totally on the operator. The built in EDGE technology offers users the speed data transfers using the built in Bluetooth and USB wired on this phone. BlackBerry Curve 8900 is the phone with advanced features full quality business.

A fully charged battery provides the user to 360 hours standby or up to four hours of talk time. This elegant pearl comes with a microphone that can record the voice that can be saved on the phone. The Pearl includes some other amazing features such as voice dialing functions and a hands-free. A feature built in 2 mega pixel camera complete with digital zoom and flash option allows the user to shoot and capture a still image capture. The Pearl comes with a built in Media Player that allows users to enjoy music on the go. The user can also enjoy MP3 and MIDI ringtones. The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is a business oriented phone that includes features fun and entertaining. Compare many latest phones like BlackBerry BlackBerry 9500 Storm, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve 8900, etc.

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BlackBerry Pearl Phone Review & Essential Accessories

BlackBerry Pearl Phone Review

Those who have followed the BlackBerry range of urbane, ultra-cool mobile over the years might recall that the original Pearl, which was largely responsible for bringing the BlackBerry smartphones on the conventional market. Recently, the BlackBerry is out with its new version of the pearl called the Pearl 8120. This phone can be mistaken as an improved version of the Pearl real, but it has a very special quality and distinctive in its overview and is good enough to create its own niche in the market.

SMS with the Pearl: The pearl was often described as "texting" phone, ie a smartphone that offers more comfort when used as a messaging device. This feature is courtesy of keyboards that are easy to slip through, which makes the experience of typing all very intuitive and you can text message a long time without tiring your fingers. It uses the SureType keyboard that is not the last offered among the range of BlackBerry smartphones, but it is one of the easiest to use. Emphasis was placed on the easy recognition via the keyboard and silver represent the numbers of houses.

The backlit keyboard is readable even in the dark and the entire screen is supported by an automatic light sensor to ensure good contrast / brightness. The standard resolution is 240 x 260 pixels, which can be described as the best in this segment, but then for the price it carries, the Pearl seems amply capable of displaying web pages with all necessary details and the images are defined with shades of solid colors. Moreover, since the font size is adjustable, most Web pages can be viewed when looking through lots of data.

Recommendable Other features: The BlackBerry Pearl MMS is friendly and able to take videos and pictures were recorded fade effect minimal. Nice add-on is another WiFi and it does not compromise the speed when downloading heavy web pages. In addition, the Pearl offers the A2DP, including micro-stereo Bluetooth headphones for better audio input jack with 3.5mm standard to help users to plug their headphones of choice.

Texting capabilities get another boost in the form of BlackBerry Messenger, which allows communication between BlackBerry users. It supports POP3 and IMAP4 protocols and an impressive talk time of 240 minutes. Options Memory expansion is particularly advisable with the SD card slot only microwave that also takes high capacity SD up to 2 gigs.

Conclusion: This carefully packed mobile phone can be your replacement for the treatment of clerical move, because it is equipped to meet all basic requirements such as processing e-mailing, scheduling meetings or the editing documents (Word / PowerPoint / Excel / PDF). The BlackBerry Pearl does not offer extreme style quotient and is supposed to be a public spectacle oriented mobile device.

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Essential accessories to transform your Blackberry into a PDA Tenacious Real

Having a top-of-the-line BlackBerry phone is not enough, there are many decorative accessories for mobile phones which are used not only to make your BlackBerry more "elite", but also turn your phone a high-tech equipment, depending on what type of functions it performs.

There is a huge market here if you are looking for BlackBerry Accessories, including Blackberry cases different car kit, charger, headset, camera bluetooth, handsfree and more

BlackBerry Cases
If you often find a rough user of a cell phone, you may qualify for a business phone.

In the past, protecting your mobile phone by putting it in a case of mobile phone leather means you have to compromise on style phone. Fortunately, the last line of colorful leather case for BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Pearl, which are now available, protects the phone better, you can keep the big door phone and access to all functions through regular keyboard with no problems having a sheet of clear plastic buttons. Cases Leather fantastic news you can express your own personality with a wide range of colors and styles (flip cases, holsters, cases horizontal, robust cases, cases of skin, if vertical), to choose when it comes to choosing where you want for your BlackBerry.

A wide range of leather, metal, silicon or aluminum case, and a wide range of BlackBerry Curve Accessories, accessories and bold beads are available online at affordable prices and deserving.

Blackberry Chargers
An extra charger is one of the most popular and high demand accessory cell phone, especially for the displacement phenomena.

Do you charge your phone in style or if you're tired of wondering where your wall charger is connected to your phone? Now the power of your BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry 8900 and BlackBerry Curve 8300, anytime, anywhere and get the same battery time by purchasing additional BlackBerry Micro USB Travel Charger (with clip international), battery charger further, a car charger, Charging Pod charger or cradle.

BlackBerry Micro USB Travel Charger is a necessary accessory in your case, in short, the office or home to ensure that you can quickly charge your cell phone especially when you travel. Car charger is also very useful for people who forget to charge it cell phone at home and realize that there are cell phones have batteries were flat, while their charges are far from home. Blackberry Auto Charger lets you charge your BlackBerry device through any cigarette lighter standard. Blackberry charger cradle makes 2 in 1 functions, that you can load your phone with an elegance to the home or office, and secondly you can use this fabulous accessory to transfer music, data, photos and Video while charging the battery of your extra at the same time. So and you can sync your phone for free via your PC and the supplied charger with AC.

Therefore, improving the efficiency of your BlackBerry phone by getting this important accessory, there is a wide range of accessories BlackBerry Bold Accessories BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Pearl Accessories available online and in stores, according to your needs.

Blackberry Bluetooth Headsets and Car Mounts
Blackberry Bluetooth headset is an accessory that has managed to conquer the heart of people. Blackberry Bluetooth headsets, it is a cheap accessory, but people do not mind spending the extra dollars to buy something that is so wow! in terms of style and convenience.

Now, in most countries it is illegal to listen to a mobile phone while driving. With this accessory light, and you can receive calls, switch the dial by voice, and cat-free driving, also the inconvenience of tangled headset the son were eliminated, and you get clear reception all the weather. It stays in your ear overlooked calm too.

BlackBerry Accessories also include keypads, data cables and memory cards, the car goes. If you use a headset with your BlackBerry while driving, it is more convenient to have a cell phone pocket to keep your BlackBerry on hand.

Blackberry Accessories Shopping gives u access to the largest selection in the world of BlackBerry accessories.

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BlackBerry Mobile Phones: Compatible Devices Of Big Brand

BlackBerry Mobile Phones: Compatible Devices Of Big Brand by Shan Polluk.

Handset lovers got new ways to change their lifestyle in the form of BlackBerry mobile phones. Such devices are loaded brand with many extravagant features like a large screen, fast internet connectivity features, exciting music, reliable battery and much more.

The use of mobile phones have become a general work for each age group. Generally people like to buy branded appliances, which should be based on the latest technologies and furnished with many interactive features. There are many brands in the market of mobile phones such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola and many others. But for most people have become fond of using BlackBerry mobile phone, which has been looking very exciting and loaded with features multiple. Basically, one can find many weird BlackBerry devices in the market for mobile phones like the BlackBerry Pearl 8120, Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm 9500, Tower 9630 and much more. All are blessed with the latest technology and also summarized with many quality characteristics. So we would surely be delighted to have a look at some BlackBerry devices. Here, to extract the features of BlackBerry Curve 8900, Storm 9500 and 9630 Tour would be very good experience.

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a superb search functionality device class and have the highest. Gadget quality is integrated with a 3.2 MP camera, which comes with autofocus and flash facility. Now we are free to take decent pictures of loved ones. It also allows one to record video, camera settings, video playback (MPEG4, DivX and H263 players) and many others. You can display all menus, files, videos and other products of this device on a 2.4 inch TFT color LCD (65K colors) screen of this unit to a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels. This gadget also supports Internet, which can be achieved through features such as connectivity EDGE, GPRS and Wi-Fi technology. A QWERTY keyboard is very fascinating feature of this device, which is clearly visible number buttons.

Besides her, the storm of 9500 is also an amazing looking BlackBerry mobile phone, which has got many beautiful features. This unique device to have a range of 3.2-inch color (65K colors), Touch Screen, which is able to clearly display the songs videos, files, menus and other outings. A 3.2 MP camera this handset allows one to capture fantastic images of loved ones. This camera also capable for video streaming, video recording, camera settings and much more. The powerful battery of this device allows one to 5.5 hours of talk time and 360 hours standby. One would probably be pleased quickly see the features of Internet connectivity this handset such as 3G HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS.

Similarly, the 9630 Tour also received numerous promising features that are based on the latest technologies. The main attraction of this device comes with QWERTY keyboard, which have clearly visible number buttons. It will be a pleasure to see a 3.2 MP camera in this device, which is blessed with LED flash and auto focus facilities. Thus, this camera can capture great images and also allows video recording, video streaming, video playback (MPEG4, H263 and H264). The Internet connectivity features like GPRS, EDGE and 3G HSDPA are as good for connecting this device via Internet easily. Bluetooth support this handset can exchange songs, videos and other important data for Bluetooth devices to support from others. Thus, more than three mobile phones BlackBerry got many useful features that improve the quality of these devices mark.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Black Vs White Blackberry Pearl

BLACKBERRY Pearl White - Combining innovation and style - by Rahul Bhadauria

The white BlackBerry Pearl is a slim elegant phone that has all the features in the bright white handset. The smartphone is designed to appeal to the user and the young. It is offered exclusively through T-Mobile in the United States. It is a combination of style and innovative features like an affordable price.

Compressed folder

The main feature of BlackBerry Pearl White myFav is the application of T-Mobile that allows the user to send unlimited e-mail and instant messages to five contacts, regardless of the carrier. This service uses a simple push of the phone to perform this function. It also allows an effort to touch access to email and text messaging.

The phone allows the installation of Internet access to 10 supported personal accounts and corporate email. This service supports IM clients like Yahoo, AOL, MSN and ICQ. Strengthening SureType keyboard allows the user to type messages quickly and easily. The screen has a large ultra-innovative light sensing technology that displays sharp images at 240 x 260 pixels resolution by automatically optimizing the display. The user interface is intuitive with the trackball, dedicated menu keys and escape the menus to facilitate navigation

Other features

It has features such as the management of speed dial, smart dialing, call forwarding, conference calling. It is Bluetooth hands-free operations. The phone speaker independent voice recognition for voice dialing. There are accessories such as car kits, Bluetooth headset support and dedicated buttons for various functions. The phone offers international roaming with quad-band GSM / GPRS and EDGE network support.

The phone has 1.3 mega pixel camera with 3 levels of 5x zoom and built in flash. The new BlackBerry maps allow the user to run other applications in the form of maps and find services. He is a player with headphone jack that supports formats like MP3, AAC and other music files and MPEG4 and H263 video files. The phone has built in 64 MB of flash memory expandable through the microSD slot. The HTML browser provides Internet browsing effortlessly, even while traveling.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Black - by stevefranklis

Blackberry Pearl 8120 leader in terms of efficiency, another Black won with Pearl and promises to help you get things unlocked This candybar phone is the ultimate solution for people looking for a multitude of features in one place. Blackberry knows how to design phones that are easy to use and the ball in the center is a perfect example of this approach. The QWERTY keyboard assigns two characters per key and in this way is not awkward with the large keypad that some of the guard.

FEATURES things to Use Wi-Fi to help speed users along the information highway and information in their hands. With long battery life, this means that it will not be a waste of time this collection of international telephone, if the juice is flowing. E-mail and web browsing are all handy with this feature that puts the world in the palm of your hand.

With BlackBerry Pearl 8120 can never be wrong. KEY FEATURES OF THE BLACKBERRY PEARL 8120 - Quad-Band connectivity - QWERTY Keyboard - Light - MicroSD slot - EDGE - 2 Megapixel Camera Phone - 3.5mm audio jack - Long battery life The Blackberry Pearl 8120 and other unlocked cell phones are available from Cellhut where you choose your phone service. For the latest in unlocked gadgets and accessories visit.

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Blackberry Pearl 8120 Black unlocked candybar phone is the ultimate solution for people looking for a multitude of features in one place. Using Wi-Fi to help speed users along the information highway and information in their hands.
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Move Music Directly From iTunes to Your Blackberry Pearl

Blackberry pearl is considered to be the smartest phone is one of the world’s smallest and packs all of the command of BlackBerry. It is available with the digital camera, and various multimedia capabilities and flexible memory. It offers what all you will expect from a smart phone like email, browsing, messaging and MMS, organizer applications and many more.

The BlackBerry Pearl also provides you with the network support so that you can allow for international roaming to certain places like. The BlackBerry Pearl is small in size and you can carry it anywhere with ease. It’s a significant mishmash of technology and beauty. It is Small, smart and also stylish.

Move Music Directly From iTunes to Your Blackberry Pearl - by Paul Herrington

When I first bought my Blackberry Pearl, not knowing better, I loaded up Roxio Media Manager and attempted to transfer my songs from my PC to my new phone. I quickly found out the Roxio software was slow and didn't keep all the artist and song information I put into iTunes. So, when my wife finally got her Blackberry Pearl, I warned her about not using Roxio.

I guess I'm not a very good teacher because my wife didn't really understand. Even though I had told her there was a very easy way of transferring the music using Windows Explorer, she didn't get it. What I thought was a mistake on her part turned out to be a great discovery. I learned something and I'm sure most other Blackberry Pearl users will learn from this as well.

Transfer Directly From iTunes to Your Blackberry Pearl.

This was a departure from what I thought was the best way to move my music to my Pearl. I had always opened two Explorer windows and transferred the music from my iTunes directory over to my Blackberry Pearl folder. Instead, my wife only opened one Explorer window and then opened up iTunes. That's when I saw her click and drag music directly from the iTunes program to the Blackberry Pearl folder.

You can even use the great search and sort capabilities of iTunes to narrow your music down to exactly what you want. Then you can just select everything in your search results window and move it over in one easy step.

What's cool is, I created a new playlist called "Blackberry Pearl". This makes it very easy for me to drag whatever media I want into this playlist and it's ready to go the next time I connect with my Peal.

If you click on the Blackberry Pearl playlist, all of the songs you want on your phone will be all on one page. It's easy to select them all and drag them over to the Blackberry folder in Windows Explorer.
Note, you are not able to select and drag the playlist, only the songs. But you can select all the songs at once. As Windows attempts to move the songs over, it will warn you of duplicates. When it asks if you want to replace the duplicate, click no to all. It's just very similar to a one-way sync.

I never realized you could do this. It's so simple and it will even keep all of your Artist, Album and Genre information in tact. Again, I tried to grab a playlist and move that over, but it won't work. You'll still have to create those on your Blackberry Pearl once you've uploaded your songs, but its very simple.

As for now, enjoy the drag and drop transfers from iTunes to your Blackberry Pearl. Oh, and now my wife gets to claim bragging rights for teaching her techno-geek husband how to do something on his Blackberry Pearl. Humbling to say the least, since shes not really that technologically inclined.

Paul Herrington frequently writes about the Blackberry Pearl and loves to help people maximize their use of Blackberry iTunes syncing.

Information Appliance Associates has released pearlTunes, the first ever tool to take unlicensed music in the Windows version of Apple iTunes and automatically copy and convert it to RIM's new BlackBerry Pearl. pearlTunes copies MP3s and other unprotected digital music from selected playlists in iTunes to the microSD memory card in the user's BlackBerry Pearl.
This allows the user to copy just their favorite selections to their smartphone.

"One of the great things about the new BlackBerry Pearl is its ability to integrate multimedia into the existing BlackBerry form factor," said said Terence Goggin, CTO of Information Appliance Associates. "So many users are going to fall in love with the ability to carry the music they listen to on their iTunes with them on the BlackBerry Pearl. This is a really exciting merging of two worlds." pearlTunes sells for $9.95 on the Information Appliance Associates web site.
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BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8100 vs BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8120

BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8100

One of the first things that consumers notice about the BlackBerry RIM 8100-Pearl is that the device comes with a complete set of multimedia features. Such desirable extras are rapidly becoming necessities for business and personal use. These include the music player, voice dialing and commands, and a memory card slot, which are all part of the charm of the Pearl. The best part is that it does not take an engineering degree to figure out how to use the features. So even people who are upgrading to a feature rich device for the first time can do so without a great deal of anxiety.

Along with the camera and music player, the Pearl also sports EDGE data, a good quality text keypad, and the increasingly popular push email. These types of features are especially handy if the device is being used for work purposes, but personal consumers will also delight in the quick preparation of messages and emails. For Bluetooth fans, version 2.0 is included, which just helps to make the pot a little sweeter.

The 8100-Pearl does have some other enhancements over the 7100 series. The scroll wheel that seemed to cause trouble to some users is gone. In its place is a four-way trackball that takes no time to master. The phone is also lighter and thinner than previous versions, which means it will fit into a pocket much easier. All in all, the Pearl really is a bit of a, well, pearl.


- Slimmer and lighter design will thrill many users. - Excellent resolution on the screen - Excellent battery standby time, at about 15 days - Speakerphone provides a clear voice production


- Talk-time of 3.5 hours could be better - The camera is okay, but the resolution could be a little better - Micro SD slot is not in an easy spot - No video recording capability - No external controls for the music player


Definitely an improvement over the 7100 series, the BlackBerry RIM 8100-Pearl has a lot to offer. The addition of multimedia functionality will allow the device to compete well in the market, and the slimmer design will definitely catch the eye of people who hate lugging around a large handheld device.

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BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8120

The RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is technically the same as the other variants of the BlackBerry Pearl, except that it contains a few feature additions that make it stand out from the pack. It’s based on the same design as the other Pearl phones, so the untrained eye can never tell it apart. However, the added features make it completely different from any other BlackBerry Pearl to date.

This version, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120, is a quad band GSM phone which can be used nearly anywhere in the world where you can get a signal. That means it’s the perfect traveling companion for corporate employers and tech junkies alike. However, despite the fact that it can be used anywhere, it does not support the 3G data transfer networks, meaning you are limited to slower speeds when sending information, browsing the web, and reading emails.

As you may expect from a smartphone, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is rather large, measuring approximately four inches by two inches by a half an inch. Not as big as others in the field, but you will still know you have it on you at all times. The weight is just 90 grams.

Despite the larger size of the phone, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 only allows for four hours of talk time on a fully charged battery. However, standby time is an impressive 360 hours or 15 days. You’ll likely chew through that time with all of of the nifty built in features, though. Adorning the front of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is a large, 240 by 260 pixel screen that is capable of displaying 65k colors.

Not the best in the field, but it’s no slouch either. As far as other features go, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 has just about everything you could possibly want out of a phone. There is a 2.0 megapixel digital camera with 5x digital zoom and a flash, a media player for movies and music, expandable memory via microSD, a powerful Intel processor, Bluetooth 2.0 support, WiFi support over 802.11b/g, a speakerphone, and all of the typical phonebook features you would expect to see in a modern smartphone.


- Classic Pearl design - WiFi - Loads of features


- No 3G support


The RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is a fabulous phone, just like the other cellular devices in the Pearl family. It’s unfortunate that the 8120 is missing 3G support, but the WiFi will make up for that shortcoming in many areas. This well-rounded device should be near the top of any smartphone list.

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Barack Obama & His Beloved BlackBerry

Barack Obama & His Beloved BlackBerry
President-elect Barack Obama, as far as we know, has two addictions: cigarettes and his BlackBerry cell phone. While his wife leans on him to give up the cigarettes, his staff aides have been insisting he retire the cell phone.
There is very little doubt that Obama will give up his trusty Blackberry, however, the Secret Service will deal with him about that. Because, he has to use secured communications, so that no one can eavesdrop on his conversations.This is just one of many changes that will take place in his life that he will have to get used to.If he didn't want the restrictions and boundaries then he shouldn't have have ran for President. It is the Secret Service's job to protect him and his family, and they have rules and regulations, that have to be followed to protect him and his family.

Under the arrangement, a super-encryption package will be added to Obama's BlackBerry, giving the most powerful person on the planet on-the-go access to e-mail. According to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, "use will be limited." Obama will only be able to e-mail senior staff, Gibbs told reporters, as well as "a small group of personal friends."
I think it's a security risk personally. I'm not entirely convinced that it's impossible for someone to track the Blackberry phone's GPS location. Perhaps if they can completely disable the GPS capability of the phone. Even then there's the issue of the email. Email is almost never truly secure due to all of the places it goes through between source and destination.

The highest level of encryption for BlackBerrys currently used by top-level government officers is Secret, and -- as the most visible target for hackers -- Obama's security needs are higher. For instance, a BlackBerry can become a homing device broadcasting its user's location, or it can be hacked to act as a remote microphone, in addition to more standard e-mail and voice-communication prying.

Obama has said his BlackBerry allows him to more easily get around the bubble that presidents find themselves in. "They're going to pry it out of my hands," he told one interviewer before the compromise was reached.

The president has been adamant about continuing to use a BlackBerry, which has Internet and e-mail access, despite concerns that likely have made the National Security Agency as nervous as the Secret Service on Inauguration Day when Obama left his presidential limo twice to walk and wave to crowds along Pennsylvania Avenue.

But e-mail, which appears to be Obama's main interest, can be a two-edged sword. The Freedom of Information Act and the Presidential Records Act of 1978 require that e-mails relating to official business be preserved as public records. The informal nature of such e-mails can lead to embarrassment or worse.

Security analyst at the nonprofit Information Technology & Innovation Foundation in Washington, said Obama is probably using the Sectera Edge even though Gibbs called it a BlackBerry, because BlackBerry has become an almost generic term used to refer to a number of handhelds.

Despite new talk about encryption, a security expert said the main issue about how the president would use his superencrypted BlackBerry is whether it was being used for contact with people outside government. If Obama wanted to reach an outsider via the BlackBerry, then the person getting his messages would need to have a BlackBerry equipped with super-de-cryption capabilities

Obama is well known for his BlackBerry addiction, something millions of Americans can identify with. The device, with several models available, is the best-selling smartphone in the United States, heavily favored by corporate culture for its robust features and physical QWERTY keyboards that are considered superior for mobile e-mail.

The President & BlackBerry - Obama will need all the help he can get in managing the presidential workload. It hardly seems in the public interest to deprive him of communications devices and productivity tools that millions of Americans take for granted in their own lives. Does Obama really have to give up his beloved BlackBerry? I think not.

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