Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why Buy Blackberry 8120 Pearl

Looking for a mew mobile phone which has looks and features? Blackberry 8120 Pearl can be one of the best available options for you. It is a successor of Blackberry Pearl 8100. When you have a look at both these handsets you will find a distinctive difference between both.

However, Blackberry 8120 Pearl is slightly heavier than its predecessor but the other features that are loaded in this phone make it a better choice. The stunningly black color and the stainless steel body give it a sexy look. And due to its small size, you can easily hold it in your hand. And can easily fit it into your pocket as well.

Blackberry 8120 Pearl has a streamlined body in which the trackball and the dual-input QWERTY keypad ( which is another special feature) is raised a bit from the body of the mobile phone. Now, you should not think that it has just good looks and shallow inside. It does have all the latest features that can cater to your needs from a phone.
You can say that Blackberry 8120 Pearl is remarkably small and incredibly powerful. Whether you are at work or alone, whether you want to make use of the phone in professional works or just want to relax, it is an ideal phone. It has the latest business related functions. Moreover, it does have new multimedia capabilities also.

Blackberry 8120 Pearl is developed in conjunction with the PC software developer which is Roxio. This means that this phone offers the user a playback for almost all popular audio as well as video formats. The built-in camera allows you capture special moments of your life and that too with providing you better picture quality.

The 2 mega pixel camera also has LCD flash. You can upload these photos to any sites such as Facebook and get connected with the rest of the world. You just need to connect your Blackberry 8120 Pearl to your computer. More than that, with Blackberry 8120 Pearl, you can see your clicked pictures and videos on a large screen with TFT display.
So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the new Blackberry 8120 Pearl and see if you can resist it!

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