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The Blackberry Pearl 9105 is a 3G Call Rounder

The Blackberry Pearl 9105 is a 3G Call Rounder

With a number of other handsets, Blackberry has recently released the 9105 Pearl 3G. This attractive mobile phone ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality while providing a decent level of aesthetic appeal to style conscious users.

A relatively compact handset the Blackberry Pearl 9105 measures 108x 50x 3G 13.3 mm and weighs only 93.6 g which makes a handheld device friendly. Several sets of different colors are available on the phone from shades of red, white flash, royal purple, pink opal and black piano. Therefore, a set of colors to suit most tastes is sure to be found and provides aesthetic appeal for the style-conscious users also see their phone as a fashion accessory.

To store data such as multimedia files and office documents, 256 MB of internal memory comes standard with a micro SD card slot for additional storage. It comes with a pre-installed a card of 2 GB of memory with sufficient storage for the needs of most users, but it can be replaced by a larger 32 GB card. The internal phonebook offers the very popular feature that allows Photocall a contact in the directory to be affected with a photograph which is in turn displayed on the screen every time they call.

A good level of display quality can be achieved by providing the TFT screen can display up to 256K colors in a pixel resolution of 360x 400 pixels. This makes it ideal for viewing files such as videos and photos. As an additional method of navigating the user interface and menus, a touch-sensitive optical trackpad is located below the screen that is operated thumb.

The digital camera in the 3G Blackberry Pearl 9105 offers 3.15 mega pixels and operates at a high pixel resolution. Thus, the resulting photographs are of very high quality. image features, including improved autofocus and LED flash are included in the package that simplifies the task cameras to take photos of high quality even in low light conditions. As you might expect, this camera can also shoot video clips is an additional method of image capture.

The operating system of choice is the BlackBerry OS, which, coupled with a 624 MHz processor provide lightning fast and smooth user interface that handles demanding applications with ease. This is a versatile media player internal pre-installed and downloadable games, an organizer and document viewer at hand and a voice memo recorder and GPS with A-GPS support.

To stay connected to cellular networks, except in the most remote locations, Class 10 versions of both EDGE and GPRS are used. Internet access is provided via 3G initially at speeds of 3.6 megabytes per second using a HSDPA connection. A faster Internet connection can be achieved through the Wi-Fi technology that uses signals from wireless routers for Internet browsing experience faster. Bluetooth and micro USB connections are standard to allow users to connect to other compatible devices so they can carry out a number of different tasks.

Blackberry seems to have hit the nail on the head with 3G Pearl 9105, because of its aesthetic appeal with an impressive list of features and functions.

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