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Introducing the BlackBerry Pearl 9100

Introducing the BlackBerry Pearl 9100

Looking for a smartphone new? You may want to check out the latest model of the brand always reliable BlackBerry - BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

The BlackBerry Pearl series is known in the mobile community to effectively combine fun and functionality in a stylish convenient. Pearl handsets offer everything you need from your mobile phone in a small package without having to sacrifice the experience of the BlackBerry brand.

The Series 8100

The BlackBerry Pearl series was first introduced on the market with the classical 81xx line. This basic features of smartphones that can fit into the palm of your hand. Do not be fooled by its small size, however, because it still has everything you need for life on the go and stay in touch with your friends. It includes useful features such as Wi-Fi, mobile streaming, multimedia applications and more. Apart from the Pearl 8100, BlackBerry is released with the 8110, 8120 and 8130 combined to further improve and add functionality to the phone. The latest models have also funky color options as the 8100, which is very important for the style conscious users of mobile phones today.

Series 8200

Apart from the classic 81xx line, the Pearl series also showcases the popular 82xx line. He has fun, smart phones flip-Tuck you can comfortably in your pocket when closed. Once you flip the phone open, you'll see all the interesting features and applications. It has almost all the features of the original 81xx series, and other useful applications such as BlackBerry Maps. Apart from the Pearl Flip 8200, BlackBerry came with the 8220 and 8230 to keep things interesting. As for the 81xx line, later models were also more color options like red and pink.

Series 9100

Another smartphone is coming your way in the BlackBerry Pearl 9100. This is the third in the Pearl series, and the first in the line of 91xx. It has been a subject of much anticipation among fans of the BlackBerry, as it is expected to surpass the previous models of the Pearl series because of its features and elegant design.

The Pearl 9100 comes with a SureType keyboard that makes it easier to send SMS messages or e-mail. The slim, glossy keyboard and the software installed on the phone have the ability to press several characters in one button, which reduces the overall size of the device. It is a welcome feature for mobile users who hate dragging around an oversized device.

The Pearl 9100 also comes with a 3.55 mm audio jack that you can use if you want to listen to music through your device. Since it has a port for microSD memory card which means you can easily expand its internal memory and you can download all the songs you want.

If you love taking pictures to document your day or capture special moments, you'll love The Pearl 9100 camera with LED flash. It also comes with Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, 802.11b / g WLAN and 3G connectivity to make it much easier for you to share pictures and music files with your friends.

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