Friday, December 12, 2008

Blackberry 8110 Pearl - The Perfect Phone

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Blackberry 8110 Pearl - Perfect Phone For Today's Corporate & Business Users

If you have this conception that a downright business focused phone is devoid of fashionable looks, colors and trendy features - Blackberry 8110 Pearl will reverse your notions. This Blackberry phone is made to serve business people and corporate users with adequate opportunities for them to take pleasure of entertainments as they want some refreshments now and then.

This precious 'pearl' handset of Blackberry family gives business people to stay connected to their important business contacts through contemporary networking features including wireless email sending functions with attachments, in built GPS functions, quad band GSM network. This Blackberry Pearl looks evenly delicious in three colors it is available with. You may grab a black, blue or even a pink Pearl to express your style statements.

Like choices in color, you will have choice in use of memory too. The Blackberry 8110 Pearl is equipped with 64 megabytes of flash memory as well as an expandable memory card slot to give its users an extended ability to store their important documents of diverse formats. Therefore, users of this Blackberry handsets indeed enjoy unlimited choices. Large screen of Blackberry 8110 Pearl is able to display 65,000 colors as it is also backed up with high end resolution measuring 240 pixels by 260 pixels.

Mentioning of display reminds of another astounding feature of this Blackberry 8110 Pearl phone - and that is its camera. The camera comes with this Pearl phone has digital zoom, flash features to take photos with 2.0 mega pixel camera. Besides, taking high quality pictures, this phone comes handy when users want to listen to music as it lets users playing their favorite tracks by in built loudspeaker or headset of different format including MP3 or MIDI tones. They may also set the songs they love as their ring tones. So, isn't Blackberry 8110 Pearl a smart phone with countless scopes to enjoy entertainments while staying connected to important business communications?

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