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Blackberry - Is it Right For You?

Is A Blackberry all it's cracked up to be?

Blackberry is the newest, and now the most popular, wave in personal organizer technology. Boasting the best email program available, Blackberry provides all the basic PDA features, a phone, and on the go email and internet service.

How blackberry compares to phones and personal organizers-For the most part, there is little consensus in Blackberry reviews. Some argue the gadget is overpriced and offers inadequate features in regards to the mobile phone and personal organizer.
However, others live by the device and will use no other.

Similar to the Windows/Macintosh war, it seems some people are just happier with one or the other. Either way, the mobile phone and personal organizer features seem to be adequate, even if only just so. Fortunately, it would seem the major complaints about the phone and organizer have been addressed in the newer models of the device. What does seem to be the consensus is that these features are secondary to the real purpose of Blackberry – the email.

Pros of Blackberry-

The most advantageous feature of the blackberry is its email capabilities. Even in the early models, email on the go was the most fine-tuned characteristic and that which was sought after the most. As time has gone on, other areas of the device have also been developed to create an all-around capable product.

Cons of Blackberry-

In the earlier Blackberry models, the mobile phones were horrible! Although this has been remedied to some extent, some still complain of poor audio quality and the uncomfortable design of the device when used as a mobile phone. The small screen on some of the models has also been criticized. It does little good to have browsing and email capabilities when you can not read what is on the screen! How to choose which model is best for you-In the quest for the perfect Blackberry, it is a good idea to have some clue what you are looking for. Obviously, the email capability is important or you probably would not be looking at a Blackberry in the first place.

What other features are you looking for?

While most models now come with mobile phone features, some are primarily a phone, meaning they are more traditionally shaped, thinner, and provide more comfort when held to the ear. On the other hand, some retain the “calculator” square shape which is less comfortable. If you plan to use the phone feature a lot, perhaps a phone model would be better suited to you.Likewise, the devices that are shaped more like a mobile phone lose a considerable amount of space in regards to the keyboard and screen size.

So, if typing, email, and browsing are a primary focus, a square version may be better.There are even versions on the market that come equipped with GPS and digital walkie-talkie capabilities. For an outdoorsman, or for someone who just gets lost a lot, these features could be valuable. However, these features are not as common as the more traditional PDA features.Size is also an issue.

You can go with the smaller phone versions, have a more comfortable fit in your pocket, and forego a little screen size and keyboard capabilities. On the other hand, a larger screen and keyboard means you may prefer to carry the device in a case instead of your pocket. Bulkiness and weight are considerations to keep in mind, as each model varies.There are also more minor factors to consider when choosing a Blackberry, such as ringtone availability, speakerphone capability, and battery life. Battery life varies greatly from one device to the next, ranging from hours to several days.

If you need a long battery life, keep this in mind. Likewise, some models do not come with a speakerphone, which is a major thing for some people. Be sure to check these other features when choosing which Blackberry to go with.A Blackberry is an incredibly convenient gadget to utilize. It is important, however, to take prudence when choosing the device so it meets all of your needs. The last thing you need is another expensive collector of dust on your nightstand.

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