Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BlackBerry Pearl Review

BlackBerry Pearl Review by Michael Ferrerya
They say that all great things come in tiny packages and the same is very true for the Blackberry Pearl. This diminutive yet versatile phone really is a smart phone that contains all the features you could ever wish for from a smart phone. To say it is stylish and sleek would be a slight understatement. It incorporates an expandable memory, an in-built 1.3 mega pixels camera which incorporates a flash, internet connectivity, E-mail, GPS and much more.

As with all Blackberry range of phones, the Pearl allows internet connection but there is no need to be constantly bothering with the trying to establish internet connections before trying to do any work, as it has constant internet connectivity implemented. The phone is optimized to work on any high speed network right across the world and also has Wi-Fi capability. It can also be used to act as a modem to your laptop and on top of this can send or receive heavy data loads.

The wonderful interface of the Blackberry gives you the option to manage up to ten different e-mail accounts simultaneously and you could even integrate your personal and business e-mail accounts on it as well. Other email functions include the option of selecting which account you would like to use when sending emails, sending emails directly from the address book and the facility of being able to open attachments through the document viewer, which happens to support a vast number of the most popular file formats.

You can also find a media player on the Blackberry Pearl and this supports all the various file formats for music and movies. The phone has built in speakers but it can easily be connected directly to headphones for additional benefits.

Some other great features that are supported by the Blackberry Pearl include USB connectivity, Bluetooth, a GPS system and expandable memory. Having a GPS System on the phone is not only a very cool feature that̢۪s sure to impress, but it also guarantees that you will never get lost again- anywhere! All you do is type in your current location and the location of the place you want to go and it will attempt to find the best possible route for you. The GPS system works a treat when used with applications such as Blackberry maps, which gives additional benefits such as resource or employee tracking.

The Blackberry 8310 Curve, the Blackberry Pearl and the Blackberry 8110 Pink are amongst the most popular cell phones available from the Blackberry range.

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