Friday, January 11, 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8120 - Ideal For Work - Perfect For Play (Blackberry Pearl Accessory)

There are very few mobile phone handsets are great for professional use. BlackBerry mobiles, for instance, fall into this category. As a matter of fact, the high end capabilities of these handsets have made them the perfect office accessories - indispensable for enhancing productivity at work. Busy professionals and corporate executives have benefited from using Blackberry mobile phones in more ways than one. However, this time around the brand has been concentrating on increasing its customer base. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 is a result of endeavors in this direction. The handset is targeted at a wider base of customers from diverse backgrounds. As a matter of fact, young adults and college going kids are showing a lot of interest in this BlackBerry mobile phone.

All the business features that are present in other BlackBerry mobile phones are present in this one also. Users can open and use documents in Word, Excel and Power Point. Moreover, other Windows based services are also available. However, this is not all. The multimedia capabilities of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 are equally amazing.

The Pearl 8120 mobile phone comes with an integrated 2 mega-pixel digital camera that is perfect for capturing images as well as recording video clips. Users can upload their images and video clips to social networking sites; pre-installed software in this mobile phone makes this possible. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 is also empowered with Wi-Fi connectivity and one can use the handset to access the internet.

To make a connection with the younger set of mobile phone users, the Blackberry Pearl 8120 comes with embedded games with interesting formats and engaging game plays as well. The navigation system is easy to use - which make the Pearl 8120 very user friendly. Music options are present; and the messaging services are quite exhaustive. Other lifestyle features such as standard calendar, alarm, and phone book make this mobile very versatile in the way in which it can be used. It can be said that the Blackberry Pearl 8120 is a mobile phone that is perfect for both work and play.

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