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10 Reasons To Buy The Blackberry 8100 Pearl Smartphone (Blackberry Pearl Accessory)

This major update to the popular 7105t brings the Blackberry experience to a whole new level. Here are 10 reasons to buy the RIM Blackberry Pearl.

1. The Camera. The Blackberry Pearl includes a 1.3-megapixel camera that features an LED flash, 5 times zoom and white balance controls. This is the first Blackberry to include a camera, and whilst at 1.3 Megapixel it is not as advanced as others on the market, it takes a great little photo and is a long overdue addition to the Blackberry.

2. MP3 Player. This model includes other consumer features including an Mp3. The Blackberry music player supports playback of your tunes in MP3, AAC, AAC+, and eAAC+ formats. The handheld is also compatible with Java application and game downloads. You can create playlists as folders and shuffle and repeat songs within a certain folder. It also displays some track information, such as title, artist, and album art if available.

3. Expandable Memory. Now that you can listen to your mp3’s on the go with your Blackberry you are going to need somewhere to store all your favourite songs, not just a few of them. The blackberry Pearl also sports a memory card slot. This is the first blackberry to include this feature.

4. Size and Design. The Blackberry Pearl is sleek and stylish unlike typical business smartphones. At a form size of 4.2 by 2.0 by 0.5 inches; 3.1 ounces, the Pearl fits easily into a pocket or handbag, and unlike previous Blackberry models it does not look over-sized and silly when making calls. The Pearl is smaller than the Treo and Sidekick smartphones. It has a glossy black and chrome finish and will appeal to business users and general consumers alike.

5. The Screen. The Blackberry Pearl sports a 2.25-inch TFT screen that displays 65,000 colors at a 240x260-pixel resolution. The screen is super sharp, clear and is reminiscent of a miniature plasma screen television. It is great for viewing emails and web browsing. Also included is light-sensing technology so the Pearl will adjust its brightness based on the conditions you are in.

6. The Pearl. Gone is the classic Blackberry trackwheel. This phone features a trackball below the screen (The Pearl). The Pearl is easy to use and allows for 4 way scrolling. Its sensitivity can be adjusted and when pushed in, it acts as a select button. Whilst Blackberry users who are used to the trackwheel might initially experience some difficulties adapting to the Pearl it is very easy to adapt to. New Blackberry users will quickly take to it.

7. Maps The Pearl is also the first Blackberry to come with a map application. Blackberry Maps provides local maps and allows you to get text-based driving directions straight to your Blackberry.

8. Email. This is the feature that made the Blackberry so popular from the beginning. You can sync with your company's server with support for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, or Novell GroupWise to deliver corporate e-mail in real time (Push email). You can also support up to 10 POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail accounts. The email set up wizard is very quick and simple to use.

9. Voice Dialling. The Blackberry Pearl now offers voice dialling so you can set up voice commands for your contacts and use them to dial numbers.

10. Use it with a Mac. The Blackberry Pearl is the most stylish smartphone on the market, so it makes sense to want to use it with the most stylish computers on the market. This can be done using a program called Pocketmac. Pocketmac is the first program to allow Mac users to sync their crucial data between their Blackberry device and Entourage, Address Book, iCal, Now Contact, Now Up-To-Date, and even Stickies.

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